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Whenever we hear someone in need of a house call doctor, we sometimes worry too much about their condition, thinking that it might be so complicated and serious that they cannot go directly to the hospital. But now that information about how home doctor services manages house calls, there is a better reception of patients with regard to availing the services of a house call doctor. But how does a home doctor really take care of their patient?


A house call doctor on acute, episodic illnesses

It is a fact that illness can strike anyone any time, but more so in patients in the extremes of age – the young children and the elderly. So when it is during the wee hours of the night or on the weekend when your family GP has long gone home or is no longer available, it can be a real worry if you don’t have a medical professional to turn to. The next best thing you think would be rushing to the hospital, but isn’t the emergency department only for emergency patients? If your acute pain is disturbing but is not life-threatening, you may need urgent care that can readily be provided by a house call doctor. Home doctor services are designed to connect the “breach” when you need urgent medical care and your GP’s clinic is closed, but your condition is not so dangerous that you need to rush to a hospital.


A house call doctor for urgent medical care


House call doctors are on call and on the road every night and even during the weekends when GP clinics are usually closed. They are always available to treat countless urgent acute illnesses. These are the kind of discomfort or symptoms that you cannot ignore, the kind that would make you stay awake at night, so irritating that you just cannot wait until the next day for you to be examined. Conditions like acute respiratory illnesses, allergies, gastro, UTI, viral infections, among others are all managed effectively by a house call doctor. These conditions need urgent care but are not serious enough to be considered an emergency situation.


A house call doctor can diagnose and treat

Home doctors, upon their arrival, will examine the patient, ask and interview the parent or relative of the patient, as well as get some vital information about the previous health history of the patient that could help solve the problem. He can ask as many questions as necessary to help form a diagnosis. The house call doctor will then come up with a diagnosis, explain to you how he got this assessment, and then recommend treatment, or suggest some effective remedies, or suggest to undergo further testing and follow up with your GP. A typical house call doctor carries starter packs of many medications, so if necessary, you can get started on the prescribed treatment right away and recover faster.

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