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We all want to live independent and free lives. But as we get older, our strength and ability to perform tasks and house chores alone can be burdensome. There are also people who would prefer to stay living in their own houses rather than moving to a hospice or aged care facility. This is how home care services were brought to life. Let us discover what these health care services provide, including information about home care packages and how home doctor services can be partners with this personalised health services.

What is Home Care Services?

Home care services are basically how its name is defined. This support program is a means to provide any type of help to people living in the comfort of their homes. This health plan is funded by the government that gives everyone who needs help a way to reach support services that can lend a hand for them to continue staying and living at home, but still feel self-assured and connected to the society.

What are Home Care Packages?

Home care packages basically are different options for people to choose from in order to personalise the help that they need in their everyday lives. It can range from personal, house help duties, to a more specific and health-related support needs.

Characteristics of Home Care Packages


medical home care packages

It Gives you the Confidence to Live Independently

Not because you need some help does it mean that you should stay in a hospice and are not capable of supporting yourself. Home care packages do not get all the responsibilities and accountability away from the client. What it does is it makes sure that every daily activity that a client needs to do is performed and achieved to make his independent life manageable and enjoyable.

It Provides Help Where You Need It

You can specify what type of help or assistance you would be needed depending on the activities and tasks that you do at home every day. A dedicated care advisor can offer his services where you need him, and will not in any way interfere with your privacy and independence. This makes you feel in control over your life and not get the feeling of being supervised along the way.

It Can Be On A Permanent Or Temporary Basis

People who underwent a major surgical procedure are expected to need temporary assistance or help in performing house chores for the first few days and weeks after the surgery. They may also get help in making sure that they handle personal care well without providing additional complications to the patient’s condition. On the other hand, older adults who are still living in their own house may still be perfectly healthy, but do not have the capacity or strength to perform other household responsibilities. This can also be addressed by home care services.

What are The Different Home Care Packages?

Home care in Australia is almost the same as any other home care services in other countries in that they provide specific types of aid and assistance to their clients depending on their particular needs. Here are some of the home care packages that Australians can avail themselves of.

Lifestyle Assistance

domestic home care packages

Clients can ask a home care package for someone to shop, pay bills and provide transport facilities for them on meetings or consultations. Sometimes, just having a companion at home who serves as your social confidant is all the help you need.

Domestic Assistance

This type is specially requested by post-surgery clients or elderly customers who need someone to take care of the household chores. Someone who can aid in preparing meals, washing the dishes and clothes, as well as cleaning the house may be provided to serve you.

Personal Healthcare

Also frequently availed by postop patients who need support in taking a bath or shower, clothing, hair concerns, going to the toilet – basically needing help in performing personal hygiene activities.

Home Maintenance

Together with domestic assistance, this type of home care package deals with major repairs at home and other technical maintenance that require support from a general maintenance agency or hardware services.

Home Alteration Services

This type is required by patients who have developed a disability or a condition that limits them to move around their homes. More often than not, they need help in making sure that their house adapts to their needs, so the installation of safety tools and devices like ramps, handrails, alarms, etc. is necessary.

Home Health Care

home health care

This type of home care package is not necessarily provided for elderly clients alone. Anyone who needs home doctor services and urgent home health consultation and treatment is encouraged to avail of this program. This may include doctor visits, nursing assessments, caregiver assistance, and care advisor services. This type is actually where Dr. Home Doctors Perth excels in. Our program provides medical help and health-allied assistance to patients who are too ill to go to the hospital but have medical conditions that are not considered life-threatening and needs immediate medical care.

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