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Have you heard about the GP access after hours? Do you know anyone who availed themselves of this medical service? Home doctor services are becoming more and more popular nowadays. It is essential that we know what it is, its purpose, how it works, and how it affects and benefits the medical care system we already have.


GP access after hours service: What is it?

A home doctor visiting service is a tried-and-tested medical offering that focuses on providing urgent medical care for patients in the comfort of their homes after office hours. A GP access after hours caters to patients who need medical consultation for an urgent but not life-threatening condition. Get diagnosed and treated at home conveniently and hassle-free!


GP access after hours: How does it work?

Whenever you need medical attention and your GP is unavailable, it is a wrong habit to rush to the nearest emergency department if your condition is not life-threatening. Now that a GP access after hours service is already available for you, all you need to do is call their hotline, supply the information they need, and wait for the doctor to arrive at your doorstep. The call operator is a trained medical staff that knows how to prioritise each case call, so you can expect that if your condition needs urgent care,  you will get the nearest available doctor in a short amount of time. Allow the operators to have enough and correct information including:

  • The patient’s name and address
  • His or her presenting signs and symptoms to assess them carefully
  • His or her Medicare or DVA card
  • Information about the patient’s GP to keep him in the loop



Once your home doctor arrives, he will do a comprehensive check-up to correctly diagnose and treat your discomfort. He may request for further testing and prescribe medications to alleviate your symptoms. If need be, he has available medications with him so he can dispense your first doses to help make you feel better faster. After the consult, he completes a medical report of the whole session and sends a copy to your GP. This will keep him updated about your condition and make it easier to continue your care as per usual.



GP access after hours: What are its benefits?

It lessens unnecessary patient congestion in hospitals. No need to rush to the nearest hospital for an acute abdominal pain. Just call the home doctor service nearest to your area and wait for the board-certified and licensed medical doctor to assess you at home. The hospital’s emergency departments are for emergency cases, right? Not having your GP’s availability in the middle of the night doesn’t warrant an emergency situation. Get a GP access after hours in the comfort of your home to get medical care conveniently and hassle-free!

It gives peace of mind to carers and caregivers alike. If you are a parent, relative, or a caregiver of a sick individual, child or elderly, it is difficult not to panic and worry about their condition whenever they are in pain or uncomfortable, right? Knowing that a GP access after hours service is available to provide quality care in the middle of the night calms you and gives an assurance that your loved one or patient is in good hands.

It ensures a patient’s continuity of care. This benefit is the very reason why GP access after hours services needs the information of your GP or family doctor. As mentioned earlier, a medical report after each home visit consultation is completed and sent to your GP’s office. So in cases where the home doctor requested laboratory tests and other diagnostics, the patient can relay the results of these tests to his GP so correct diagnoses and findings can be explained and ruled out. This ensures that the medical care of a patient is still preserved even while the GP is away.

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