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We have heard of the news about convenient health services now available for all residents in Australia. We were introduced to medical and dental initiatives by the government to provide healthcare assistance to everyone, now, let us discover one of these services and find out what traits and responsibilities does an after hours doctor near me have.


An after hours doctor near me is available when your GP is not

You expect your regular family doctor or GP to be available to you during his clinic hours. You get to see him on a regular basis by setting up an appointment in his office. But what if you need to see a doctor in the middle of the night when your doctor is sleeping soundly in his own home? This is where a house call doctor comes in handy. His services are available after clinic hours, so whenever I need medical services in the wee hours of the night, I can feel at ease that a reliable after hours doctor near me is ready to offer medical assistance.


An after hours doctor near me is a registered professional

If I am sick, or a family member of mine is, I wouldn’t want to get the services of a non-medical associate who is not fit to administer any medical treatment that we need. An ideal after hours doctor near me should be a board-certified and registered professional medical doctor who is recognised by the Medical Board of Australia. He must be equipped with the knowledge and skills that a licensed doctor gained from training and studying medicine. Knowing that a real doctor gets to visit you in the comfort of your home to give medical help is already relief on its own.


An after hours doctor near me is an excellent communicatorafter-hours-doctor-near-me-perth


Whenever we ask for a doctor’s help, an ideal one gets to listen intently to our complaints, and apply those complaints in his assessment of our problem. He explains his findings clearly, and he is able to relay his medical advice and treatment plan to address our health issues. Because he is knowledgeable about what health condition we are experiencing, it is easy for him to make us understand our situation and what we should do to help alleviate the symptoms and complaints we are feeling.


An after hours doctor near me is experienced in emergencies

Keeping calm is the key to solving emergency situations. Though home doctors are ideal in giving medical assistance to urgent but non-emergency health issues, hey are still equipped with the skills and knowledge of a professional medical doctor. They know what they are doing, and they keep their calm and composure in situations that need immediate care. However, if you feel that your condition requires immediate attention, it is still best to go directly to the emergency department of the nearest hospital to get the help that you need.


An after hours doctor near me works together with my GP

Immediately after your home visit, the house call doctor completes a medical report that summarises your whole encounter, from your complaints, signs and symptoms, assessment and diagnosis, to his treatment plan and additional tests and laboratories that would confirm or rule out your condition. He will then send it to your GP’s office to keep him in the loop about your current situation and if necessary follow-up is required. This solidifies an effective continuity of care for all patients, whether your family doctor is available or not.

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