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When urgent medical care is needed after hours, during the weeknight and weekends, you can count on Home Doctors in Perth to treat and assess you in the comfort of your own space.

Home doctor visit service has never been this convenient and effective!

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We have always believed that the best person who can provide your medical care is your family doctor or regular General Practitioner (GP). But what do you do if your family doctor is unavailable and you need to get checked? You can contact Home Doctors Perth and we will be there to support your GP and provide medical assistance whenever needed.

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Effective Medical Assistance

Our Home Doctors Perth provides efficient medical care wherever appropriate. We have the knowledge and equipment to conduct a complete medical examination and, whenever needed, a starting pack of basic medication can also be dispensed by our home doctors.

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Bulk-Billed For Your Convenience

Home Doctors Perth services are bulk-billed. All expenses incurred during a home doctor visit will automatically be free for all Medicare members. No call-out fees, no heavy payouts.

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Medical Care Available Anytime

Anytime you need medical attention for a non-life threatening health condition that you can’t put off for tomorrow, trust that there is always a Home Doctors Perth medical provider who is available to help.

About Us

Home Doctors Perth is a home doctor visit service available for all Perth patients in need of medical care after hours. Our after-hours GP Perth medical care is intended to offer you an answer or treatment for any unexpected or sudden sickness or injury when your regular GP or family doctor is not available or the Medical Practice/Clinic is closed. If you or your family become ill, suffer accidents, or worsening in your condition out of hours are observed, do not hesitate to seek our help.

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Responding to Medical Emergency Situations

Home Doctors Perth medical providers are all professional doctors who have training in medical emergency situations. However, our practice cannot be the best place to provide ideal medical care for emergency cases. The best help we can give is to help coordinate with the nearest hospital emergency department and provide a referral letter so that immediate care may be administered once seen in the ER.

For medical emergencies, we strongly recommend calling Australia’s emergency hotline, triple zero (000).

FAQs about Home Doctors in Perth

How does Home Doctors Perth work?

Home Doctors Perth is a home doctor visit service that provides medical care for patients ill enough to need urgent care that cannot wait for the next day but will not warrant emergency medical attention. When a patient’s GP or family doctor is unavailable, we are the best alternative a patient has because we provide urgent medical assistance in the comfort of your home.

After placing a call, our trained medical call center agents will relay the information to the doctor who will be available to assist you.  A comprehensive medical report will then be sent to your GP’s office the next business day regarding your home doctor visit to keep him in the loop. All costs of the home doctor visit are bulk-billed – you won’t have to pay for anything upfront, making it convenient and hassle-free.

I am not a Medicare member; can I avail of a home doctor visit service?
Yes. Anyone who needs urgent medical care can always rely on Home Doctors in Perth. However, a fee will be charged for the home doctor visit services for non-Medicare members. The amount of payment to be incurred would depend on the length of consultation and the procedures needed to be done to complete the home visit consultation. All these will be discussed by the medical call agent when you book for a home doctor visit service.
What if I need medications and can’t go to a pharmacy?
Home Doctors Perth medical providers are all capable of dispensing basic medication to a patient whenever needed. Our service is equipped with a wide variety of basic medications that are usually needed by our patients. Once the home doctor assessed that you are in need of a medicine immediately, he can provide you with the initial doses so that you can already start your treatment.
Do you prescribe pain medications?
Home Doctors Perth believes that pain is one of the most common complaints a patient will have whenever they need medical attention. After-hours GP Perth would normally prescribe pain medications that will help alleviate these symptoms for a certain period of time. If chronic pain is being felt by the patient, his GP or family doctor will have to refer his care to a pain management physician. A pain management plan will be made an adherence to this plan of action is key to treatment and recovery.

Our Home Doctors Perth medical providers are capable to provide NSAIDs (Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) such as ibuprofen and acetaminophen, drugs that can alleviate pain without causing addiction. S8 drugs, or drugs of addiction including opioid analgesics and narcotics, cannot be given by our service, much less write medical prescriptions for this type of drug.

When are your services available?

Home Doctors Perth is always available after hours. All over Perth, our after-hours GP Perth doctors are available starting at 6 PM from Mondays to Fridays, 12 noon for Saturdays, and all day for Sundays. We are also available anytime during the holidays.

I have a regular GP or family doctor. Does he have to be registered with Home Doctors Perth?
No, your regular General Practitioner does not have to be registered to our practice in order to avail our services. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of family doctors or GPs all over Perth, but there really comes a time when their services are not available. That is when you can request for our home doctor visit services. You can be sure that our medical assessment during the whole home doctor visit will be relayed to your GP for continuing care.
What are the qualifications to become a qualified home doctor?

Home Doctors Perth medical providers are doctors licensed and recognized by the Medical Board of Australia. They are all with certifications and training given by Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) and Approved Medical Deputising Service Program (AMDSP), after having been able to meet medical education requirements and skills set by the noted agencies.

Can my home doctor replace my regular GP?
We cannot stress this enough to our patients who, after having been treated at home, would want to switch to a home doctor instead of a regular family doctor or GP. Home Doctors Perth has never aimed to take the place of your GP or family doctor. They are equipped with your medical history and their practice has seen you for years, compared to our occasional, if not single, medical encounter. Hypertension, high cholesterol, or any ongoing medical condition will be best addressed and treated by your GP who has monitored your condition for years. So, if your health problem needs a follow-up medical care, it is only right to visit your trusted family doctor instead.

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